Manifesto on the relationship
between art and surfing.

Book West is The Best
Book West is The Best 2

What if the West showed us the way ? The ocean, surfing, the beach, skating... all antidotes to depression and sources of inspiration that deeply influence our new ways of living and working. To better understand this phenomenon, Joran Briand and Marie Doiteau met with eight Californian artists and designers who work in communion with the ocean.


Because France is very centralised and because Paris is far from the coasts, some creatives have developped an oneiric, even romantic approach to surfing.
A tension between two geographical points is taking shape. Paris, venue of their art, and the littoral, spot of creative escape, of contemplation and of exoticiscm...
We went encounter several creatives (plastic artists, photographers, architects, designers, stylists, dancer...) in their city studios and on their favourite spots, in order to grasp the vanishing point from which they draw inspiration. With this book, we try to understand how they managed to find this balance, between urban creation and maritime breakaway, without marginalize themselves for all that.