Freedom, frugality and serendipity

West is the Best is a hybrid place.¬†Created by Studio Briand & Berthereau, it’s embodies the values of : frugality, freedom to be and create, with the conviction of being able to do better with less, and the desire to reveal beauty in simplicity and serendipity, by promoting generosity and sharing. Poetic and prosaic, West is the Best workshop crosses borders and offers a new balance. Here, hedonism rhymes with pragmatism and dreams with realism. By offering an Elsewhere where we can meet.

A place of inspiration and breathing

West is the Best is located on the Wild coast of the Quiberon peninsula, which offers the best quality of waves closest to Paris. Inaugurated in 2020, this modular workshop made up of several spaces :  a shared workspace, a workshop, a bedroom area, a semi-professional kitchen and an exhibition space. West is the Best is a generous place and built for sharing.

Altruism and Nomadism

This alternative place is open to different activities and experiences such as: workshop, seminar, shooting, filming, event, etc. For any request, please write to us by email or by Airbnb

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